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BREL.png Broken electronics
Section Powders
Spawn temperature 22°C
Heat Conductivity 84.4%
Relative weight 90
Gravity 0.18
Acid dissolve rate 0.2%
Flammability 0
State Powder
Misc properties
Conducts electricity (SPRK)
Source code

Broken electronics are created when certain elements (PSCN, NSCN, PTCT, NTCT, INST, SWCH, WWLD, SWCH) are being sparked while EMP is activated. BREL can be melted and cooled back into the un-broken form. Conducts electricity. When combined with BRMT at above 240°C, they combine to form THRM. Since BRMT if formed when IRON rusts, this means that BREL is actually aluminum. When constantly sparked at above 10 pressure, it will heat up. When constantly sparked at above 30 pressure and over 9000°C, it will turn into EXOT. VIBR will not spark BREL, and gray EXOT will not turn into BREL.

BREL's Reactions

BREL.png(life > 0, temp > 9000C, pressure > 30) -> EXOT.png (BREL.png) + LAVA.png(CLST) -> CRMC.png (coming in version 91)

Other Elements' Reactions

BRMT.png + BREL.png -> THRM.png + BRMT.png/BREL.png (either the BRMT or BREL is converted into THRM; it is random)

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