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So you're sitting there, playing Powder Toy, and BAM! You get an idea! So how does it get in? Well first of all, make sure it has more then one use. Second of all, make sure it hasn't already been suggested. Suggested Elements are listed on the wiki. You'd be surprised to see how many times movable solids or magnets have been suggested.

Because of the structure of The Powder Toy's programming, not very many things can be done without dramatically changing the code. For example, one pixel thick walls are not possible. Pressure is built on a 4x4 pixel system, it cannot be changed. (Technically it can, but it would only be in a mod as it would be extremely laggy) The screen size (amount of particles) is permanently fixed. So, please view the source code (available for download at the download screen) and see what you can make of it. If you cannot understand it, please suggest only the best of the elements you come up with. If you can, please see if it can be possible. This way, it will not be a waste of a thread.

Also, please use common sense. Things like Copper or Silver? They're just metal. Wifi and portal have channels, you have no need to suggest portal2 or wifi2.

Detail uses of your suggestion. Suggestions without uses or with very few uses WILL NOT get in.