NEVER reveal your 'powder.def' file to anyone.

  • cctvdude99
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    What Feynman said - PT reads the info from powder.pref, which is where your session is stored.
    It doesn't literally contain your username and password, but TPT uses it to sign in, so it sort of is like a key to access your account (in-game only).
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  • Antares
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    "powder.def" ? I thought it was "powder.pref" :p


    OR is it both files?

  • wolfy1339
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    @Antares (View Post)
    Yes you are right. It is powder.pref and before it was named powder.def
  • the_new_powder99999
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    Oops, I think everyone in my class now has my password, probably time to change it...

  • Kikkin
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  • CeeJayBee
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    @the_new_powder99999 (View Post)
    No they don't... all you could really do would be spoof someone's account temporarily (like socially engineering someone into copying their session key in their Facebook URL to get into their account). You couldn't even change your password as that's done through the website. And if they've had the file for a while, I'm guessing you've logged in/out or jacob1/Simon has destroyed the session server at least once in between you giving them it (all of those reset the session key). You're likely safe.
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  • jacob1
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    @CeeJayBee (View Post)
    You can actually use session IDs on the website. But changing your password requires you to type in the old one.

    Also yeah, if I see you giving out powder.pref i'll ban you for an hour. That makes the session keys invalid :). It's especially important to make sure you didn't include it when distributing any mods, or mod sources.
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    @Simon (View Post)

     This game is great but honestly if they added sound it would be 5 times greater!  PLEASE someone promote this, this is all the game is really missing whats something if u can see it but not hear it? please! add this feature, im sure it will increase the amount of players on this simulator

  • KydonShadow
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    The amount of things wrong... 1. Thats a suggestion. Post it as a thread in the feedback section. 2. Sound may never be added, as people will just make screaming saves to assault your ears. 3. This thread is not even about anything similar to that.

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