FP Algorithm Update

  • demonlikespie1
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    Thats a good update


    that means saves that have effort will be rewarded.

  • Sherk
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  • kit237
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    i think now the new system has not been around long enough to give quality feedback, so far we can only make assumptions about possible future. now, it is unlikely that you will be able to progress well with the help of epic saves on FP, so it is likely that large networks of linked saves will become popular, example of the linked saves network:

    its also possible that clubs will get a second chance, because now linked saves are more visible and there is a greater likelihood that a random player will be “dragged” there (so i hope that clubs on the official website will be resumed). it is also now important to quickly attract the player, because there is a lot of other content on the fp, which means that there are arts(which is already noticeable) and comic saves.
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    im unstoppable now

  • DriftKing
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    Many saves are sticking to FP and I'm pretty sure it's not good. =(

  • jacob1
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    @DriftKing (View Post)
    Popular saves do stick a bit, I've noticed. But definitely less than the old formula which kept the same saves forever. Still though, it is intentional, we do want good / popular saves to be the most visible.
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    I'm sorry for being illogical. D:

     Please forgive me.

    I'm going to remove my "Fp is Ruined :'(" thread.

    I didn't understand the algorithm.

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    those news sound good

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    The new Fp algorithm actually gives me better and more inspiration for reactors, and knowing new stuff.