2023-04-23 13:04:22
between dreams and reality
wow, are you seriously interested my biography?
club: Multus Radix guild(Ingot's club)
FP count: 45
best save(i think): Dummies Factory!!!
the most scandalous save: Novella in 1 pixel(3187 letters)
overrated save: realistic oil rig
fastest FP: realistic school
in work: map
now on FP: idk lol
id:3100000 is mine : ]

ill just fill this empty space with random things

i have a lot of FPs, interesting, who is the most FP guy? i think some artist because AHEM YES

i love printers, photon disks and layers


i finally finished the dummies factory

and now i can fully devote my time to creating a map

i run nation events, but they fail :(
now im planning to start a wide one to create cooler map.

Every 60 seconds, one minute passes in Africa. together we can stop this.

hi oyne if you are reading this.

Congratulations! you have received the bios Researcher achievement!

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I really hope that the developers will add two new conductors, the essence of which will be that with the help of them it will be possible to interact with layered things (lets say pistons, when activated by these conductors, will be able to move something layered) and that all bugs with layers will be corrected

four-legged amoguses is cool

who is oyne? this is just a cool player who for some reason stalks my bio (i used to be in the cat empire club, and so i wrote a warning there: "im not a furry!". when i left, he asked why i removed this thing. hes also often wrote ";-;")

I love nationwides, but not when they are hosted by an overly patriotic American. if your nation is even one percent similar to the USSR, you will not have a chance to survive.

yes, im the person who writes down everything that happened to him in his bio, do you have any problems with this?

i can make electronics i make cool cities i can draw space my gun destroys all types of bunkium and im 7shot both in hosting and playing




if you, oyne, continue to read this... this place has always been empty, why do you check it every time?????
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