The Resist Cup - Official contest

  • savask
    3rd April Developer 2 Permalink

    TPT version 98.0 introduced two new elements, so the dev team came up with an irresistible contest - create any save using elements RSST and/or RSSS in an interesting and novel way, and let the most creative save win! The winner save will be displayed on the front page for a week, can you imagine?

    Contest rules:

    1. Your save must use elements RSST and/or RSSS in a crucial way.
    2. To participate in the contest, your save must have a tag "resistcup".


    Any save using RSST and/or RSSS in a fun and unique way will qualify for the contest, it can be a 2D printer, a chain reaction, a factory, you name it.  Already published saves also can participate in the contest, but you must make sure they have the "resistcup" tag. Submitting several saves is also allowed.


    Here is an example save:

    After the contest ends, the winner will be selected from the most top-voted saves by the members of the dev team. Vote for your favorite participant to increase their chances for victory!

    Contest dates: from 2 of April to 5 of May.

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  • hihihihihii
    6th April Member 0 Permalink

    what if theres a tie?

  • savask
    6th April Developer 1 Permalink

    The winner won't be decided by votes alone (it will be selected by devs among top voted saves). If there will be a close tie, we will come up with something, right now it's too early to decide.

  • Desty
    7th April Member 0 Permalink

    I don't know but you guys should judge ALL the top voted saves at once. Go through all them and then give them scores after. This would be the most fair.

  • Dabcatcraze
    21st April Member 0 Permalink

    I love challenges like these