"Group" accounts.

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    Group account.

    A type of account to "combine" few users into one.

    You add members in website with a special button to add members (must log into group account first)

    The account itself is an administrator account (only account's owner can delete the saves, change account's bio, nickname etc. But members can post, publish/unpublish or edit saves freely.)

    New register menu idea. https://prnt.sc/c-O9eYJddmk9 (and there should be a 2nd step where you write a reason to make a group account).

    Users that have been added as "members" can post saves from this account *without* logging in it (https://prnt.sc/kM-uzAk8WoxS). Pressing "Group" will open list of groups you joined (also Groups button in user's biography to see groups that one joined).

    Groups accounts have green nickname link in save browser (https://prnt.sc/5SB_YlJEZiGv)


    edit: to see group's saves you just search it like an user (ex. "user:%groupname%")

    edit2: all this idea started after i wanted to ask if i can make an account and share it with few players as a collab account lol.

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     I wonder what this could abuse?


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    @NF (View Post)

     wdym what it could abuse?

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    I think this would be a bad idea. Yes, it opens up potential for abuse. It also encourages multiple accounts, which we do allow sometimes but I don't want to encourage it.

    There's so many limitations that would have to be placed on the account, which is a lot of coding burden. We'd have to define a whole new type of account, which is impossible to be logged into with standard ways. The group account would have to be blocked from the majority of website features, like voting (which would break multi-account voting rules), or messaging / commenting (which would create anonymity problems).

    The game interface would also have problems. You could just add a dropdown when saving, I guess. But what about commenting, to what extent should that be allowed on the group saves, do we need to add an account selector system?

    I'm sure I could think of more problems, and probably more solutions. But basically, it's not something I'd want to tackle.

    If you're thinking of creating a group account, I'd really discourage it. Sharing passwords is against the rules. You could upload group saves yourself and give credit in the description, though. Every group account in the past that I know of eventually got banned, usually for multi-account voting.
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    Yeah, a lot of "group accounts" that I'm aware of. Where under the guise of "friends" of the said user, when it was a means to bypass self voting. You summed up what I would've said. Group accounts could also lead to someone to change email/password information. Leading to potential hacked accounts, for users who don't know better. About having different passwords on different websites. 

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