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    for those who dont know: nationwide is a save in TPT with a map in which players, with the help of comments, can create and manage their nation using not only the specified path for building things, but also their own way (like in D&D). examples:


    I participated in several and I have ideas to improve this type of saves.

    mechanics I want to add:

    1) fog of war will be added (hosts will give players a save ID where unknown areas of the map will be erased) and players will not know what the map looks like until they examine it.

    2) players will not know other players and their alliances/wars/inventions of other players, unless other players tell or show them, or unless the player discovers it through spies/random events.

    3) players will have more stats such as wit, luck, trust of others, karma, etc.

    4) random events can be made by both players and hosts (such as "I found an ore deposit"), but events from players can be accepted or rejected by throwing a dice or coin or something like that, depending on the probability of such an event.

    5) tables indicating buildings/combat units will be personal for everyone, since only the hosts have the complete initial map.

    6) hosts or players (themselves) can create events with choices for players (like "*an unknown scientist asks you to fund his research. [refuse] or [agree]?"), but the outcomes of certain options are decided by the hosts.

    7) players will not only have indicators of money, but also resources that will be extracted from biomes (as in HMM 3: wood, ore, sulfur, crystals, gems, mercury)

    8) restrictions on moves. Players can take a limited number of actions per turn.

    9) aging and dying mechanic, that is, the player will not just be some kind of immortal personification of his nation, but will grow old and die from this or something else.

    10) reincarnation mechanic, that is, after a player has died, he can be reincarnated in another incarnation. I also want to introduce a heir mechanic so that players can arrange a game of thrones.

    and one more thing: the soul will reincarnate into someone only at the moment of his receiving intelligence (~5 years) and not at the moment of his birth. There will also be a mechanic for regents, that is, if a player should already receive the throne but is not yet mature, he will have a regent (so that the state does not fall apart due to the decisions of a 2-year-old or something like that). and also, if at the moment when the heir should already receive the mind there is no player who could reincarnate him, he will be replaced by a neural network until that same player appears

    11) karma mechanicks

    12) luck mechanicks

    13) determining luck according to the astrological calendar

    14) Make the luck stat visible and trackable in game.

    15) Add different luck-based events or situations that could occur during the game, requiring different luck levels to succeed/survive.

    16) Allow players to use artifacts that can temporarily increase or decrease their luck, giving them more control over the game and making for more dynamic gameplay.

    17) management will take place not through comments but through discord
    18) multiple hosts and in different time zones
    I want to know what you think about this and if you want to participate as a player/host.

    also probably for the sake of a cooler experience from nationwide, every Sunday/every weekend there will be something like a session in discord during which if each player finishes their turn, then the year will immediately pass. 

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    pulled pork moment

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    woah those are a lot of things youre gonna add
    good luck!

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    Let me give my thoughts.

    • 1, 2, 5, and 18 would be too impractical to implement, as you'd have to have one save for each player
    • 3, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16 seem unnecessary
    • 4 doesn't make sense as stated; usually, players state their intent to do or find something,nsuch as "Search for an ore deposit", and it is up to the host to decide if it is successful or not (like you state)
    • 6 usually happens in most nationwides
    • 7 is a good idea
    • 8 seems logical
    • 9 and 10 go against how nationwides normally work and would add another layer of complexity
    • 17 is a bad idea, not everyone has Discord
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    i agree, ive tried to do 1 before and it was too much work

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    rules I agree with: 1 2 6 8 9 10 18

    rules that I'm me[t]h with:3 4 5 

    rules I disaprove: 11 to 16


    also, come to think of it, Why don't we make a discord server for making wides? multiple hosting will be easier and so will other things. like getting into wides first, or asking for tips faster, or other. well? will you join the all new nation wide creator's club server (note:the server is only taking pre-orders)

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