i need help with modding

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    so, i've read the wiki article about building with meson ( https://powdertoy.co.uk/Wiki/W/Building_TPT_with_Meson.html )

    hovever im stuck after i build it the first time, i added a new element into the list of elements and what now? how do i build it so that powder.exe has the added element? 

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    I would suggest building the vanilla source code with no modifications first. If it compiles successfully then you should proceed with changes/ modifications.


    Once you are done compiling fresh source code, adding a new element is easy.


     You need to create a new element file with a unique name ending with .cpp extension in the src>simulation>elements.


    After that you need to assign an id to it in the meson.build file located in the same folder.


    If the code and id you assigned to it are correct you should see your element in the game.


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    ok so, my issue was that i did not update the meson.build with the name and id, now whe i recompiled it works and my element is in the game. Thanks for your help