Element suggestion: INAC.

  • Ilovegam3z
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    Indestructable Acid. [INAC] Would be a acid that turns anything it touches into MORE acid. Platnum will slow it down but cannot fully stop it, only vibranium can stop INAC. INAC would be a dark pink color and would glow when it turns something into it. -CTYPE: allows INAC to spread other elements like GLOW or even CO2- -TMP: controls how fast it spreads- -TMP2: controls how many pixels it infects at a time- -LIFE: controls how long a pixel of INAC lasts, normaly 83 frames- -SPECIAL REACTIONS: INAC with ACID causes a explosion, INAC with VIBR causes INAC to die on contact with VIBR and turn into EXOT, INAC with NEUT turns INAC into PLUT, INAC with ELEC causes INAC pixels to live longer, INAC with PROT increases how fast it spreads and how many pixels it infects at the same time, INAC with URAN causes Molten POLO to appear, INAC with any metal causes the metal to heat up, INAC at 2000C will turn INAC into CAUS-

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  • SamDwich
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    So basically VIRS or maybe C1000's mod BFLM, I don't know what would be special about this.

  • ArolaunTech
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    indestructible acid already exists in the form of CAUS