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    TPT now has an Official Discord server. Many users may already be familiar with it, as it was originally @Coffee's discord server and has been the de-facto TPT Discord server for a few years now. Discuss to your heart's content about TPT in the Powder Toy section, or whatever else is on your mind in the general chat channel.

    Here is the invite link:

    When you join, please read everything in #rules-and-roles. Besides the rules, this channel contains important information on self-assignable roles, most importantly the @Verified role. This role is assigned when you link your tpt account to your discord, and allows for easy user lookup. This role is also required if you would like to post images or embeddable links. You may also self-assign various colorful roles regarding what type of saves you create in TPT.

    Quick Q&A:
    Q: Why can't I post images?
    A: To post images you must have the @Verified role (use /verify command) or get the @Guest role from a @Mod

    Q: How do I link my TPT Account?
    A: You can link your account using slash commands. Simply type /verify and you will be redirected to the website and automatically verified.

    Q: Do I need to link my TPT Account?
    A: No, but certain actions like posting images or viewing certain channels may be locked behind roles, to prevent botspam and abuse.

    Q: How do I look up a TPT user?
    A: Use the slash command /whois to get the TPT username of a discord user. Use /rwhois to get the Discord account of a TPT user.

    Q: Will I be banned from the Discord if I'm banned on TPT?
    A: No. You will only be banned for breaking rules on the Discord server itself.

    Q: Can I join the Discord if I'm under 13 years old?
    A: No. This is a violation of Discord's terms of service.

    Q: Doesn't this violate rule S5.2?
    A: No, that rule only bans unofficial Discord servers, but this one is official. Advertising unofficial servers is still not allowed.
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