When will group creation come back?

  • Mangosss
    23rd November Member 0 Permalink

    Is it ever gonna come back or are we doomed to not make groups ;(

  • NF
    24th November Member 0 Permalink

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     The group system was broken, although I wouldn't mind something to replace it. A better way of creating groups or whatever they may be called. 

  • KnZahid300
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    @NF (View Post)

     Too bad that group creation is broken

  • jacob1
    24th November Developer 1 Permalink
    Group creation is not coming back, and the groups system will be removed at some point in the future.

    Groups were a burden to maintain, and full of significant issues. They were barely usable, so only a handful of groups ever took off, due to advertising on the forums / in-game that allowed it.
  • Mangosss
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    Ah thanks jacob