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    Thanks! That is an obscure bug. @LBPHacker was able to figure it out. Seems like if you select a stamp really fast, before the thumbnail and other data loads, it can break the stamp browser, or sometimes crash the game entirely. It crashes reliably if you click on one of the last stamps. You have to do it really quickly, less than a second.

    Fixed for the final release.
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    The full 98.0 release is out now, across all platforms (PC, Android, Web).

    Here's the changelog between the beta and the release:

    98.0 (Build 363) 2024-03-26
    • When rescanning stamps, stamps are now added to the back instead of the front
    • Fix local saves being sorted Z-A instead of A-Z
    • Fix being unable to focus comment textbox if another comment was behind it
    • Fix some text being cut off in profile viewer and save preview
    • Fix gravity zones not being drawn in some cases even if gravity wall is selected
    • Fix crash when selecting a stamp too quickly
    • Fix Lua dialogs looping infinitely in some cases
    • Various updates to the look of the web version, including a loading icon and new dark theme for the website
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    TPT 98.1 has been released! This update contains some new additions that will greatly enhance the experience, including one that's been requested by users for years now. Please see the changelog below:

    98.1 (Build 364) 2024-04-01
    • Add sound to the game. A new system for playing sounds when elements react has been added. You'll be able to enjoy sounds during your favorite reactions, such as FIRE burning, bombs exploding, or squirrels mocking you
    • Zoom window now shows particle faces in more detail. Particles may now react to being set on fire

    We hope the new cacophony of sounds is pleasing to your ears. We may take into consideration suggestions for even more reaction sounds in the future.
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    This post has been removed by jacob1: affront to squirrels
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    New release. This will probably be the last new release for a while, unless we fix the Windows performance issues.

    98.2 (Build 365) 2024-04-02
    • The squirrel infestation problem is mostly resolved
    • Fix issue where long save titles were cutoff
    • Fix issue where error messages opening the save browser were cutoff
  • AtlantisDragon
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    Hi, I found a small P/NGRV related bug. Steps to reproduce:

    1) Hold down P/NGRV

    2) Press and hold Shift

    3) Right click

    4) Press Ctrl+z to undo

    The result should be a gravity well that just stays there without you pressing anything (it disappears when using the tool again).

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     lol this thing is more like a feature for me

  • MachineMan
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    CRAY's most advanced property (CRAY(125+X*512) spawns FILT with a tmp of X) isn't working.

  • LBPHacker
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    Cannot confirm, works fine.
  • MachineMan
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    My mistake; I accidentally typed 128 in the console instead of 125.