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  • thecomputerguy
    14th Dec 2021 Member 0 Permalink

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     Good point.  This is a physics game.

  • -EVA01-
    19th Dec 2021 Member 1 Permalink

    also im thinking of putting movable objets like an square,this for making things like an piston of a car engiene,should be a great idea??

  • BenGBox
    26th Dec 2021 Member 1 Permalink

    How do you post Forums? I see a lot of forums by other users but cant figure out how to post one myself and it would be a useful to know. Like i cant post a forum asking for help on how to make a forum can i?

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  • PigLover5
    28th Dec 2021 Member 1 Permalink

    I can't change the ambient air temperature to anything except for 15.00 degrees or very hot what is a normal temperature

  • LBPHacker
    28th Dec 2021 Developer 0 Permalink
    The normal temperature is "22C". And yes, the field in Settings accepts the "C" notation.
  • BenGBox
    31st Dec 2021 Member 1 Permalink

    My brother has been baned permamently because the game thought he was a acount made by me to upvote my saves. please unban him.

  • jacob1
    31st Dec 2021 Developer 2 Permalink
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    Message a moderator with this request, so that we can tell you what you did wrong and how to avoid it.

    I also need to delete the votes before I will unban the other account.
  • johnathanwhite
    6th Jan 2022 Member 0 Permalink


    I got an Error On tpt ultimata as i was sutting It  down That it Has A save And Write Error. i don't know if it would be wise to re-open it to see if it changed or something.


    awaiting advice,



  • jacob1
    6th Jan 2022 Developer 1 Permalink
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    Ask Bowserinator for advice in the TPT-Ultima forum thread. He will need more details on exactly the steps to cause the crash, though.

    The crash itself is just an annoyance, it won't harm anything.
  • johnathanwhite
    6th Jan 2022 Member 0 Permalink

    @jacob1 (View Post)

     okay Thanks.