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  • Australia_Ball
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    please delete this post, i was going to say that there wasnt a good discussion for my problem but i realised i can make one. sorry!

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  • KnZahid300
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    We will have a next update?

  • BenGBox
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    what does it mean if your not permitted to save your saves? like when i try to save it goes

    Upload failed with error:

    Not permitted

  • jacob1
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    @BenGBox (View Post)
    It means you were logged out of the game, but the game hasn't yet noticed. Try signing out and back in and it should fix it.

    For now, you are only allowed 3 logins at once, if you login to a 4th place then you are logged out somewhere else. That is probably what happened.
  • BenGBox
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    hmmmmm ok ill try.

  • VietnamTPTVN
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