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  • Shrike_the_Avali
    2nd Nov 2021 Member 89 Permalink

    please delete this post, i was going to say that there wasnt a good discussion for my problem but i realised i can make one. sorry!

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  • KnZahid300
    17th Nov 2021 Member 88 Permalink

    We will have a next update?

  • BenGBox
    22nd Nov 2021 Member 75 Permalink

    what does it mean if your not permitted to save your saves? like when i try to save it goes

    Upload failed with error:

    Not permitted

  • jacob1
    22nd Nov 2021 Developer 69 Permalink
    @BenGBox (View Post)
    It means you were logged out of the game, but the game hasn't yet noticed. Try signing out and back in and it should fix it.

    For now, you are only allowed 3 logins at once, if you login to a 4th place then you are logged out somewhere else. That is probably what happened.
  • BenGBox
    22nd Nov 2021 Member 32 Permalink

    hmmmmm ok ill try.

  • VietnamTPTVN
    25th Nov 2021 Banned 1 Permalink
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  • TheDukeOfDank
    10th Dec 2021 Member 32 Permalink

    SWCH isn't toggleable. It turns off as soon as you activate it if there's any nscn touching it, which is the only way to turn it off. It'd be a bit more practical if swch activates first, then conducts instead of doing them at the same time. Is this intentional or am I just monke brain? 

  • jacob1
    10th Dec 2021 Developer 8 Permalink
    @TheDukeOfDank (View Post)
    PSCN will always turn it on, and NSCN always turns it off. All other conductors are used to conduct electricity through it. You need to make sure that the PSCN can't also spark the NSCN. Keep them far apart and use INSL if necessary to block the spark.

    So long as NSCN doesn't spark it, you can then use METL or any other conductor to use it.
  • thecomputerguy
    14th Dec 2021 Member 3 Permalink

    I think it would be great if thumbnails included deco.  There are a lot of saves that look like absolute garbage without deco and people only see the thiumbnails.  Thumbnails should reflext the actual appearance of the save.

  • jacob1
    14th Dec 2021 Developer 2 Permalink
    @thecomputerguy (View Post)
    This is rejected. Deco is intentionally hidden from thumbnails, with no plans to ever re-enable it.

    The original reason is to discourage art. We wanted to encourage drawings that served a purpose in TPT, and weren't just blobs of DMND, which were common back then. This was somewhat successful, but art has definitely had a resurgence in recent years.

    There is an additional reason now. With cgi scripts being more common, anyone could create a perfect replica of an image and pass it off as art. We don't want this to show in thumbnails, especially depending on the content on the image.