TPT Multiplayer v2

  • Exomius
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    im waiting for this but is work on only pc? i want play android all same too:(

  • jacob1
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    @Exomius (View Post)
    Yep, I described the reasons here:

    I don't think Android will ever be a supported platform for tptmp
  • Duber2222
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    how do you join others rooms what for command or how jacob can u please tell me

  • heptium345
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    cool, but how do i make my own server?

  • SamDwich
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    Apparently, alongside multiplayer, this adds two identical(?) glitch elements(magenta, nameless, desc is 'No description'). Somehow i feel placing them into the simulation isn't going to be a very good choice, since they are glitched. If they are intentional, please explain their existence, that would be appreciated. If they are not intentional, try your best to figure out what happened and adress the issue accordingly.


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  • LBPHacker
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    They're not glitched at all, and since v2.0.20, they also don't show up in element search. If they do, update your client. I've done and am trying to do my best to hide them and have them not be annoying. If they still are, tell me how they are annoying so I can fix it. I'm not going to explain what they do, feel free to check the code: one is allocated here and the other is allocated here.
  • SamDwich
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    @LBPHacker (View Post)


     Judging by its name(UNKNOWN), I would assume it is a placeholder incase a user inputs a modded element that is invalid to a default client and is therefore replaced by the element. Apparently, the source also tries to access a local referencing Jacob1's Mod.

    The other seems to use something called 'preshack graphics' which I don't know are. Its purpose to me is unknown.


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  • jacob1
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    @SamDwich (View Post)
    Actually, since the messages last week, LBPHacker fixed this bug. It turns out that changing the name wasn't enough, they also had the description "No description"

    tptmp v2.0.21 fixes this bug, so update tptmp and it will go away.
    (My mod hasn't updated to v2.0.21 because I'm lazy, but will at some point)
  • AlgoPowdo
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    why does it spam connect timeout