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    Colour:RGB (255,228,0)

    Starting temperature:22,00 °C

    Description:Balloon. Can be pumped with wind,breaks up if too big or if under pressure.


    Balloon is a yellowish solid. At the start it is a fairly inert, highly flammable solid that creates a lot of smoke if burned.

    However,if there is some wind and/or pressure then the game changes.

    BALN at the start has life set to the number of pixels that make an unbroken patch of it. If there is some wind,it will expand in that direction,gradually lose life and become lighter as far as RGB (255,255,193).

    It can get more life with BIZR,BIZG or BIZS.

    It can also be filled with NBLE and will get a ctype nble if so happens.

    I would also like to see it to be able to fly against gravity if filled with NBLE but I guess that moderators would not like that thing.

    Once it loses all of its life,burns or if exposed to presure of at least 3.0 it will break up into many pieces. These pieces will fall down (If you think that this part is too hard to do feel free to ignore it.).

    They can get life again by touching BIZR,BIZG or BIZS. The more of them is there the balloon pieces will get more life.

    The balloon can also be moved by wind.

    Also,it can be pumped by a pump.

    Uses:probably a few. It can be used to create smoke or to do some other things that balloons can and that are allowed by what I erote so far. Also for transporting NBLE.

    Is this a good idea?Please add it to TPT!Also, please do not lock this thread,some som may be interested to add this to a mod!

    Have a good day!




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    Looks like moving solid

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    Yes it very much does look like a moving solid