Introducing Racism To The World Of Cats

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    Introducing Racism To The World Of Cats is a humourous roman by me. A few friends are also helping me. Take note that it is still unfinished. You can also help!Just accept my friend request and I will add you to the Production Team!
    You can here it here: [REMOVED]

    Its purpose is not to spread racism but is purely humourous.

    Still,it may be unsuitable for some people.
    It is about a white cat Andy who wants to establish a White Cat Dominance in the world,destroy all black catd and enslave humans. Fortunately,there is strong resistance to him!
    Enjoy the adventures of Andy,various resistance leaders like H?i,Arun,Laila,Luigi,Teodoros and many more,the scientist Jakub and many more characters that are coming soon!
    I am also going to make a TPT series about it,so feel free to help!The homepage of it shall be at [REMOVED]!
    Moderators,I hope that you will not ban me if advertising this is wrong. We can still make a series of saves related to it here!
    Have a good day!

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    This is one of the most unusual threads I've seen in a long time ... I don't know what would compel you to write about this.

    But anyway, advertising discord servers is against the rules, and I really don't want people joining a discord server centered around racism, so I've removed the links. Please find somewhere else to advertise this, this isn't even remotely related to The Powder Toy, and another community would be a better place to post it.
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