Imperial Army

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    If anyone has noticed, I have been making creations with a demon logo and the name Imperial at the front. 
    I am starting a corporation, The Imperial Army of TPT (TIATPT) They specialise in incendiary weaponry/munitions, our weapons are extremely effective against Imperatus style architecture (I'm quite sure that he is offline for the time being since like 2015/16) and we hope to conquer our section of TPT. I am the Imperial army's leader and only member. (right now) We are outsourcing and anything that fits these qualifications is able to be considered imperial. (The 4th one doesn't apply to cities) 



    • Our Logo (a dark red demon with a crown)
    • The first word being Imperial
    • Credit to me for the logo
    • Related to incendiary weaponry
    • Non cheating (I.E. no ARAY/DRAY/SING/AMTR but BCLN, CLNE, and PBCN are allowed)

    That's all the criteria for now but I will add more later.

    No nuclear fallout as a war technique. (E.G. NO POLO bombs, standard nuclear warheads using DEUT or minimal amounts of PLUT are considered as an exception.)

    No POLO (RTGs are an exception)

    No lasers 

    No chemical warfare


    Official linguistic rules: English as a spoken language (I.E. banners and posters), and Russian for government documents (to avoid treasonous acts I.E. leaking of documents) (use my font ID:2698760) 

    Biotech: Biotech is allowed unless you are using it for chemical warfare (I.E. producing dangerous chemicals like ACID or CAUS somehow.) 

     Mods: The modded element cannot somehow produce banned elements (E.G. CAUS) and you MUST link the mod's URL.

    Technological boundaries:

    We have NOT discovered a way to fuse hydrogen to produce more power than we put in

    We have also not discovered BVBR/VIBR yet, but we do have EXOT. 

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    Is biotechnology allowed? I can make pretty much good things, and I know Russian as well.

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    Yes, biotech is allowed (if you mean biotech as is using yeast for power production and flames) but using things such as CAUS is not allowed.

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    I mean not only yeast, but also some more advanced things, like biotic combat superunits, living factories, artificial mega brains...

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    Oh, yes that is allowed. If you mean living factories as in to use biotech to enhance the production of something (I.E. TTAN or C4 or related things)

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    • Related to incendiary weaponry
      Non cheating (I.E. no ARAY/DRAY/SING/AMTR but BCLN and PBCN are allowed)

    are modded elements considered cheating

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    As long as the modded element cannot do anything obscene such as C-16 in Cracker1000Mod

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    id:2707479 This is my first entry, serving as introduction to the biotechnology I posses.

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    New project: Imperial Assassin, uses a human brain with large amounts of cybertech to function as an assassin. I am currently working on it and it will use FadeHD's Body v6 (id:2503762) as a base. All other information is secret. New info: the Imperial Assasin will have a heating coil made of METL to ward off enemies with heat, drying out the skin and killing them, this feature does not damage the Assasin itself though due to it's robotic nature.

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