I am out of ideas

  • MagicBullet
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    Please help, I'm out of ideas again...

    I'm bad at electronics and such, and ok at art

    Please give me some suggestions. Thanks in advance!

  • LBPHacker
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  • JozeffTech
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    Well, If you're OK in art, you can participate in my competition: id:2683168.

    You can also try this technique:

      1.Take TPT 

      2.Turn on Future Sound of London, "Lifeforms" album

      3.Try to draw every interesting thing you see in your imagination

    "Lifeforms" is a very powerful creative catalyst, I use it to write my quest.

    "Dead cities", also by FSOL, can work too, but, as for me, it's not as powerful as "Lifeforms".

    Hope this helps.

  • MagicBullet
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  • slayerthevooperian
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    I am out of Ideas at the moment. Ideas for features and weapon systems for my spaceships.  (edit: this is my literal first time using the forums)

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  • Chi11y
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    You can build (in your spaceships) a guns that shoot with CNCT, EMBR or PROT<--temp 6000


  • slayerthevooperian
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    It uses a bomb missle lancher