what is CGI

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    is it like faking a save or something? is it like what they do for TV and movies, i recently reread the rules and it says CGI is against them, but i dont even know what it is

  • BlueBlood
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    CGI = Computer-generated Imagery. 


    It is used in movies and cartoons, for example, animating alien ships, flying cars, planet collisions.


    CGI in TPT means things that are made by a robot, such as a super-accurate computer-made replica of a building or an art painting.


    Obviously this is against the rules, since the save was made by a computer and not by a hooman.

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  • TuDoR2007
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    you take an image from outside and automatically transfer it to tpt

  • IlikeUssr
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    CGI bad, don't use it 

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