UNBK element

  • Ametist_YT
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    UNBK - Unbreakable element, don`t conduct heat, electricity and block pressure (like DMND + INSL)

    Use like BASIC WALL but with no GRID

    Color like BASIC WALL

  • AnimePanda
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    good idea, but proably should be a sligtly different color than BASIC WALL maybe a different shade of gray

  • jacob1
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    You can already do this with other elements. FRME is a good example of an element that doesn't melt or conduct heat, and has no notable reactions.

    It doesn't protect from the "cheat" elements like BOMB, but nothing does, a feature of BOMB is to destroy everything.
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  • BlueBlood
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    jacob1, BOMB and DEST don't destroy DMND though. This new wall element will be completely indestructible, won't conduct heat, and won't let air/pressure through. It's basically DMND but without heat and air pressure, or like the wall wall but without the square grid.


    Edit: I understand this element isn't super necessary, but it would just be a cool thing to have. TPT can have many-many more elements, since there are many variables to play around with (such as whether the element lets pressure through, whether it burns or not, how quickly it burns, whether it conducts elec, etc.)


    Also, alternative names: UBRK, UNBR, NBRK.

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    but why

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    dmnd and frame dont block pressure though