how to make uranium??¿ help!!11!!1

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    alright so i wanted to make a uranium factory so i started a blank landscape and then thinked what the hell am i supposed to do now and i don't know how to make uranium so i went onto multiplayer and some random guy said 'u hav eto mix protons and newtrons' or electrons i dunno me no big brain so somebody who knows how can i make uranium??? or plutonium???? or polonium??? htnak you everyone have a nice day or morning or afternoon or noon or night idk and idc.

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    Is adding random question marks spamming?  But to answer Your question, you need plutonium and neutrons to create uranium. btw, creating a uranium factory is a very cool thing. (PS. Both plutonium and neutrons are found in the radioactive submenu.)

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    There are some ways to make uranium, including:
    - Uranium from plutonium and neutrons

    - Uranium from collided protons at high enought speed


    Ways to make plutonium:

    - Colliding protons fast enought

    - Irridating polonium with protons


    Ways to make polonium:

    - Colliding protons at high enought speed (It will propably change to plutonium from protons)

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     seems about right

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    try using plutonium

  • SamDwich
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    Yea, just throw together protons at just the right speed. OR you fling protons together really fast and make plutonium, then fissle it and remove the waste products, and deposit the uranium.

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    i dunno just put some neut neaar plut and watch the uranium and lava for the waste

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    @dani_476 (View Post) try to explode any hyper powerfull thermal nuclear bomb it can create a heavy materials like plutonium and uranium but man you need very powerful bomb 


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     i know its hard but i have a bomb in the game that somehow makes plutonium and uranium, it uses protons a lot at VERY high speeds (they go off the screen in less than 10 frames) so you would need a proton collider or something

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