I need some scripts...

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    I can only modify or destroy things and i was looking for the STKM or FIGH scripts, as a way of doing a PSFG(only fights fighter), or at least trying, because i wanted a FIGH that doesn't fight stkm, if somebody post the FIGH and STKM script i might be trying to doing it, if not, not. I will post the code here if i make it.


    Fun fact?: This post is a logic gate, a "and" logic gate.

    Please respond if you have the scripts.


    Trying to dissect the TPT didn't help on finding the script

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    @lincolnram (View Post)

    Ok, but this doesn't help finding the script, there is some scripts that changes STKM or FIGH propertys, but i need the original script from FIGH(base script) to make PSFG or even a 3rd player(maybe).

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     maybe on the script server? https://starcatcher.us/scripts or the source code from tpt? or you could PM @jacob1

     there's another thread on a STKM mod, maybe useful https://powdertoy.co.uk/Discussions/Thread/View.html?Thread=24698&PageNum=0#Message=314761

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    Lua scripts can't control stickmen or create custom stickmen. They are too complicated for that. I have seen stickman gun scripts, which put gun graphics at STKM's location and shoot projectiles. Stuff like this is possible. But creating new stickmen or a new FIGH type would require replicating all the c++ code for it.

    So something like this would have to be a c++ mod.
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    @jacob1 (View Post)

    All i need is to find the behavior towards STKM and STK2 and change it to other element, as LIGH as exemple(lol they would be scared towards LIGH lol). Or no? And the only thing i need is the script of FIGH.

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