SCNT(Solid Concrete)

  • oioioioioi
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    Stronger than BRCK like CNCT is stronger than STNE

    Breaks into CNCT under pressure

    Same melting point as CNCT

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  • forthe
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    You can already make solid CNCT, you just need a bit more effort. First, CNCT can stack vertically without falling to the side. Second, if you want to make floating CNCT, put a layer of ANAR underneath the CNCT block, and make sure the sides are blocked by CNCT stacks.

  • oioioioioi
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    I want it to be an element in solids

  • Darmagon
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    Wouldn't that be BRCK though? It's made by placing a cement like liquid under high heat so it basically is concrete.

    BRCK can be strengthened by placing stronger materials inside the BRCK, kinda like reinforced concrete.

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    hmmm ok