Save TPT email being sent to TPT YouTube

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    Please absolutely do not send this to anyone. It puts the TPT community in a negative light if it looks like this is the viewpoint of the majority of us. A summary of what you are planning to tell these youtubers is:

    "TPT users suck and post bad saves. You suck and posted a bad save. Please only post good saves. Please join my group"

    That's how I read this, anyway. It's just all full of negativity and half truths. The truth is, the bad saves were always there. There were just also a lot of users posting good saves. As communities become older, people leave. This always happens to all communities, we just haven't kept a good source of new users into the game, so the user count decreases. It's not fair to say there is an influx of new users, because there isn't (besides in March - June at the start of the pandemic when many users returned). Last year the user count had a very slight downward slope but was otherwise fairly constant.
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