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    Hehe, i hope it is cool idea.




    Californium is highly radioactive, even more than polonium. But it also fissile. A sphere which consists of californium with diameter 25+ pixels is critical and explodes*. Bomb in other aspects are similar to nuke which consists of plutonium. Critical mass also can be smaller, if fissile material be in a box, sphere or other closed space which walls reflects neutrons. This material also heats up, like polonium.




    Melting temperature: 900 C°.


    Color: silvery-white.


    Material type: powder.


    Radioactive and fissile dense material. 1 pixel of californium becomes depleted after emitting nearly 20-30 neutrons. This number is random, but falls within this scope. 




    It can be recieved in 3 ways. First by a brush, second when irradiating plutonium by 5-7 neutrons and third by a proton collision. Californium will be recieved by colliding protons at the high speeds.

    NBLE -> CO2 -> OXYG -> PLSM -> POLO -> URAN -> PLUT -> CALI -> SING.




    This highly radioactive material can be used like alternative of plutonium. Nukes created which this material should be more compact and leave more neutrons, than PLUT based nukes. Also it can be used like good neutron emitter. Reactors on californium will be more efficient and compact. But this metal with nearly heavenly properties has one minus. If you have large amounts of this element in one place it just will be melted, because it heats up.




    In-game name: CALI.


    In-game description: Californium. Highly radioactive, fissile and dense particles.


    Birth temperature: 50 C°


    Section: Radioactive.


    * - Explosion is don't happen immediately. Californium nuke explosion is like PLUT nuke explosion.

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    There is 3rd way : particles collision

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     Oh yes, exactly!

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    So basically super-PLUT.


    I'm in.

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    I suggest moving that element to radioactive section