GOL creating

  • dani_476
    9th October Member 0 Permalink

    The idea is to create GOL as if it was a kind of world breaking universal glitch. First we need to samples of EXOT, one at the highgest temperature (9725ºC) and one at the coldest (-273ºC). Then, they are mixed in a container at max possible pressure (256bar). When the particles touch, they automatically convert into GOL.

  • forthe
    11th October Member 0 Permalink

    The only problem I see with that reaction is that only a few particles would be able to react before heatsim equalised their temperatures. These particles would probably die very quickly, as there's only a few of them.


    P.S: Solid color avatars.

  • jacob1
    11th October Developer 0 Permalink
    The GoL simulator in TPT is cool (which will be even cooler in the next version with the addition of custom GoL), but I see no reason to add this. The life elements are separate from the rest of the simulation, and they act based on their own rules that are absolutely nothing like anything else in the game. A life particle created through a method like this would either explode across the screen or immediately die. It doesn't make sense to have a GoL-creating element.