semiconductor bug?

  • ReallyJustDont
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    for some reason, ptct and ntct aren't heating up when nearby metl is sparked?

    EDIT: accidentally posted twice, sorry

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  • LBPHacker
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    That means the other conductor's heat (METL's, in this case) doesn't reach them. Since this is METL, it also means it's too far off or is blocked by an insulator. Post a save here, I'll tell you why that is if it's unclear.

    (I've removed your other thread.)
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  • ReallyJustDont
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    I tried again with heat diffusion view on, and it seems to work for a brief moment (heats to about 100 degrees before dropping). I'm not sure what might have happened the other time, but I didn't save it so I can't post it.

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  • LBPHacker
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    Maybe I'm just tired but your response doesn't tell me whether your problem has been solved or not. If it has, say so. If it hasn't, post whatever you *have* saved :P
  • ReallyJustDont
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    i think it works now and my problem was solved