Add more tutorials on how to build stuff

  • qe
    22nd May Member 1 Permalink

    Make tutorials like on how to make a rocket, that takes both solid and liquid fuel, steam generators, nuclear reactors and more.

  • Fusionftw
    23rd May Member 1 Permalink

    That actually wouldn't be a bad idea. They could probably be posted on the site under a new tab in the top-bar called "Tutorials".

  • josus-crost
    23rd May Member 1 Permalink

    i think thats good idea

    I want to publish tutorials , but im got a hater lmao

  • Aggrppa
    23rd May Member 2 Permalink

    I think Wiki page would rather fits with the purpose. Variants of logic gates, possible explosive component, how-tos are quite well documented troughout the forum and the saves of other people imo (kudos to those peeps), but not in the Wiki which makes it rather hard to find.