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    As you may have known, there have been quite a few saves on the front page that have, well, fallen far below our expectations and are simply too low quality to deserve being put on a pedestal for all TPT users.


    So, I propose another way to get to FP, the "FP Worthy Vote". This would be right where the vote buttons are, and have the icon of a lightbulb (or icon that shows interest). If a save has at least 5 of these "FP Worthy Votes", then the save will automatically get to FP. Or, if a save acheives 4 Likes and 20 Views in an Hour, that save will earn FP. When these 5 special votes are acheived, the bar will be full, and the option to add "FP Worthy Votes" is greyed out. To prevent abuse, 3 dislikes = -1 "FP Worthy Vote".


    With these votes, which will be displayed right below the like/dislike bars as another bar, quality saves deemed "interesting" or "illuminatng" can rightfully earn FP. The base requirements could also stay the same as they are currently, if this suggestion is too strict.


    Use Cases:

    • Fast track to FP. Did you ever make a save that was great, but it only mustered a few upvotes in the By Date sort? Well, all people have to do is give the special vote, and your save will reach FP in no-time.
    • Increased quality of FP saves. Have you ever seen a save on FP where you've thought, "HOW DID THIS PIECE OF **** EVER MAKE IT ON FP? IT MUST'VE TOOK 5 MINUTES TO MAKE... ON MOBILE!" But, this quality improvement would only take effect if there are stricter base standards (as mentioned above).


    Yes, this would be a radical change to the front page, but it could be a way (with some tweaking) to distribute FP spots more fairly.

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  • jacob1
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    I think this could have been in the other thread (which I haven't responded to yet, but might later).

    I think this is definitely not how I would do it. I don't want an alternate upvote. Any time you upvote something, you'll hit the other vote anyway. I find it unlikely people would treat these separately. At best, they might upvote a meme save while not giving it the "fp worthy" vote, but I think that's rare. People upvote meme saves because they want to mess with people (and this is a harmless way to do it).

    Also, views will never factor into the front page system, due to how easy they are to fake (rapidly open the save) and how meaningless they are to the quality of the save.

    Maybe I'll post my ideas in the other thread later. I've posted some ideas in some of my previous forum posts too.
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    Oh, I thought views were a part of the FP criteria. 


    I was just trying to think of a way to get quality saves onto the front page.