Metacircuits Mod

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    Version 1.0


    Inspired by the Wiremod addon for Garry's Mod, Metacircuits was designed to allow the player to create more complex electronic circuits without using the pixel grid to create physical connections. The goal of this is to create a sandbox where electronics can be created with execution speeds and compact designs similar to subframe technology, but without having to deal with the complex simulation features that make subframe possible. The mod introduces components that can have inputs and/or outputs which can be "wired" together to send data between components.


    Find a full list of features and a list of bugs/warnings on the Github page's README.



    To connect two components, use the wire tool in the Circuits menu (green electrical plug). You must use the line drawing feature (shift click) to specify which components to connect together. Shift click on the component whose output you want, and release the wire tool on the component whose input you want. A window will open up which will allow you to specify which input should recieve which output's signal. Once this is set, click the "OK" button to complete the connection. The UI will draw a light green wire to show the connection visually if this feature is enabled.



    Download for Windows


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    You have to use the JOIN line tool on 2 components

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    You don't need to use JOIN, you need to use the green electrical plug tool plus the line drawing tool (shift+click). There is an instruction section in the README, but I'll put it in the thread post too

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    Try To Make Circuit Factory It's Fun

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    very cool

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    Just a heads up, the source does not compile on Mac/Linux. The first issue is that circuit.h in the simulation folder has this line `#include <common\String.h>'.

    Replacing the "\" with a "/" fixes that problem, but then I got this error which I could not easily fix:


    src/simulation/Simulation.cpp:386:62: error: no matching constructor for

          initialization of 'WireIn'

      ...WireIn{ name, std::stoi(tokens[2]), std::stoi(tokens[3]), std::stoi(tokens[4]), std::stoi(tokens[5]) });

         ^     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    src/simulation/Particle.h:10:8: note: candidate constructor (the implicit copy

          constructor) not viable: requires 1 argument, but 5 were provided

    struct WireIn


    src/simulation/Particle.h:10:8: note: candidate constructor (the implicit move

          constructor) not viable: requires 1 argument, but 5 were provided

    src/simulation/Particle.h:10:8: note: candidate constructor (the implicit

          default constructor) not viable: requires 0 arguments, but 5 were provided

    1 error generated.

    scons: *** [build/src/simulation/Simulation.o] Error 1

    scons: building terminated because of errors.


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    @Mdkar (View Post)
    Right, I actually fixed those same compile errors when this mod was released. Don't remember if I posted it anywhere.

    Backslash fix is obvious. As for WireIn, it just needs a contructor that takes 5 arguments.
    Alternatively, change SConscript to be -std=c++14 instead of -std=c++11. The WireIn constructor uses a c++14 feature improperly, TPT is only supposed to be compiled with c++11 max.
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    guys, I made a complete 4-bit adder with the mod and it's fabulous, I get reliable results from the device in 1 frame.

    Too bad they haven't implemented it in the original powder, because the saves and prints break.

    they can only be seen in the mod.

    Oh and the app closes.

    I personally see enormous potential in implementing powder toy digital electronics in this way!

    This is perfect, i dont understand the subframe ;-; +1000000000000! XP

    I'd appreciate it if you'd forgive my English, it's not my main language. ;-;

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