Can you convert pressure to IRL units?

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    (If you were wondering, I posted this in General because there was no where else appropriate for this)

    I am making a script that includes a real-world substance that changes it's properties in response to pressure, and I need a conversion from tpt's pressure units to megapascals. I have made a (probably poor) calculation below but I'd like some information from a developer or something idk.

    Based on tpt ice breaking at 0.8 pressure, its default temp being -28 ºC, and the tensile strength of IRL ice at that temperature being about 5 MPa (based on my probably horrible linear approximation), I have approximated a tpt pressure unit as 0.16 MPa, though that approximation is likely extremely out of proportion.

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    Well, if we are comparing elements in TPT with real life ones:

    In real life, water boils at 100C in 1 ATM (about 15 psi or 100 kPa).

    In TPT, water boils at 100C at 0 pressure, so we can conclude that 0 pressure units is equal to 1 ATM of pressure.


    To find the boiling point of water at a given pressure: 100 kPa × √(√P), where P is the pressure for which you are calculating.

    To find the boiling point of water in 2 atm: 200 kPa x √(√2), or 119C.

    In TPT, water boils at 119C at 1 unit of pressure.


    So, we can finally conclude that 1 pressure unit (TPT) = 1 ATM (about 15 psi or 0.1 mPa).


    Your prediction was extremely close, though.


    I'm having a hard time finding the equation or values that they use to calculate the boiling point of water in TPT's code, though.



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    actually there is written(in wiki) pressure is in bars