• qe
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    I'm wondering how to make advanced electronics like shift registration, RAM etc. The powder toy tutorial does no good for me though. If anyone is kind enough, can you explain how I can make some of these?


    I've just made a electrical loop with ARAY as of 7:30 PM - to continue this sentence, I realised it can turn off aswell by running more sparks into it.

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    i can help with RAM , but only SWCH/PSTN ram

  • Jonayed456
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    Shift Registration? I even never heard that before.

  • Fusionftw
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    He might mean making a shift register (to store data before use, or to convert from parallel to serial), or bit shifting (to where the bits in a word are shifted to the left or to the right, e.g. 1011 to 1101).