New elements / properties idea

  • kmwsky1
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    New elements 


    PFLT - Powdered FILT

      Not colored by FILT when cloning ctype using a detector.

      Lighter than FWRK, heavier than MERC

      It can transmit 30 bit data efficiently.

      And easy to use. It is for beginners like me


    GSNS - Gravity SeNSor

      It is almost the same as other sensors, but responds to GX and GY values.


    ERAY - Erasing RAY emitter

      Unlike CRAY, it erases DMND, FILT, CRAY, and even itself.


    CDTC - Cursor DeTeCtor

      It converts cursor's coordinate into binary and sets ctype of FILT.

      When tmp=0,

        X coordinate(0~628) starts from 1024,

        Y coordinate(0~423) starts from 1,

      When tmp=1,

        X coordinate(0~628) starts from 1,

        Y coordinate(0~423) starts from 1024


    FPSS - Frame Per Second Sensor

      FPS to FILT's ctype

      Used for synchronizing with REAL.


    HRAY - Heat RAY emitter

      Sets temperature. It can heat insulated materials. It can set AHeat.


    JELY - Jelly

      Invert VX, VY

      Not to melt or break.

      Can reflect B,C,D RAYs




    New properties 

      GPMP - When its tmp 1, it works just like PUMP(tmp=1)

      HEAC - It conducts heat to insulated materials when its tmp 1

      FRME - The width of the FRME that moves together is determined using tmp2.


    LDTC - if tmp2 >= 16, detects in grid direction only





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    Good ideas , i like JELY , FPSS , CDTC and GSNS . But powdered FILT is a bad idea lol +1 to post

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    whats the purpose of a fps sensor when its at the top left of the display?

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    full of useless ideas, one of these ideas are good:

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    @lukinhagf (View Post)

     ERAY is can be made with CRAY(SPRK)

  • MachineMan
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    @lukinhagf (View Post)

     ERAY is can be made with CRAY(SPRK)

     CRAY can't delete DMND.  But ERAY can; however, so can DRAY with nothing in between it and the DMND.  But I think ERAY has potential to be quite useful (it would make erasing things easier than with CRAY or DRAY.)

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    @MachineMan (View Post)

     What's the point of deleting DMND though? The element is supposed to be indestructible.

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    @MachineMan (View Post)

     Really , whats point of destructing indestructible element lol

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    @Hythonia (View Post)

     I haven't the faintest idea why they made it so that DRAY can delete DMND.

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  • kmwsky1
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    Usages :


     Can be used with portal.


     Easily reduce size.



     Easily erase CRAY and FILT. To fix a machine.



     More minigames



     Clock, Timer, Minigames, Animations



     Temparature control to A,C,FRAY, PSTN



     C,DRAY without conductors