Original source code?

  • GuyDoodlesDev
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    Hello, looking to port TPT to the z80 cpu (primarily the TI-8x family of graphing calculators).

    The easiest way for me to do this would be to start simple. When I look at the source code for the current version of TPT, I have no idea where to start. Where can I find the code that started it all?

    If not that, where can I start off? You guys know the code better than I do, so that's why I'm asking.


    Thanks, GDD

  • jacob1
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    A graphics calculator is not powerful enough, nor does it have the right hardware, to run powder toy.

    If you want to look at the code anyway, it is here: https://github.com/The-Powder-Toy/The-Powder-Toy
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     About 5 years ago I tried making a falling sand game in TI-Basic. The frame rate was very bad (3 fps), even with just one element. Granted, z80 assembly would be much much faster, but you would still be severly restricted in what features your game would have. You would be better off starting from scratch and would have to learn how to code in assembly. As Jacob1 said, the hardware is a huge limitation (barely any RAM, very slow processor). If you still want to, I would say it would be possible to make some kind of falling sand game, just very difficult unless you have experience with z80. Also, before trying assembly on a calculator I would suggest trying it on an emulator (Wabbitemu is free) because getting it wrong can be disasterous. 

    I was a huge TI-84 programming fan a few years ago before I got into actual computers. Those calculators are surprisingly powerful for having such bad hardware. You can even play music on them.