The powder toy 3d simulation

  • Neil_75
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    The powder toy 3d simulation is like mind blowing if it have ever happened in the future update 



    The rendering will be less laggy nice and simple 

    The view will be much larger and can be rotated or dragged anywhere

    and also the zoom will be improved to see the atomic scales so if anyone actually built a quantum computer it will work accordingly

    pixels are now cubes but can be reshaped with some tool (some pixels are not cubes like water,gas etc)

    gravity can work better dragging things like water being formed in the shape of a sphere and star forming will be more realistic (also the game will be more realistic since it is maybe 3d in the future) 

    particles would be visible like some light

    more display settings like spacetime or elecromagnetic field,infared and many more

    also the light will behave like both wave and particle to do some slits easier 

    and many more



    what do you think about it?

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  • Lord_Bowserinator
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    Quantum computers can be made without atomic scales, quantum computers are really just linear algebra machines with some operations that happen to be instant. There are quantum computer simulators you can play online.


    Also 3D TPT and other suggestions are usually rejected - 3D TPT would be too laggy (and pretty much a rewrite of the entire game), and TPT isn't a physics simulator, it's a game that happens to simulate physics.

  • josus-crost
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    3d tpt is rejected in cause of lags , tpt screen lags when it half filled , 3d tpt will lag much more