The Art Toy Saves

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    Hey, guys. I'm sure you've seen some Art Toy saves on FP right now (ID:2514848, ID:2514847, ID:2514846, ID:2514845, ID:2514844, ID:2514784, ID:2514795, ID:2514837, and 75 other "things"), and I'd just like to talk about why this is a Grade A Terrible Idea. First off, I'm in no way associated with TPT staff, so anything I say could be (and probably is) wrong.

    The Art Toy, which is what Dr. Brick is calling it, seems to be a sort of protest movement geared towards a sort of cleansing of the Front Page. It seems they have a group of users in their pocket, based off the votes on their "hilarious jokes." Dr. Brick has said that "thats [low quality work] the reason we doing that. Show that shitt happens here. People let shitt to FrontPage, we see how our favorite game slowly dies few months" to which I somewhat do agree with. Yes, we all know some works of questionable quality find their way to the Front Page, but discouraging new users to keep trying is not the right course of action.

    Imagine the following conversation taking place after an unskilled player's save reaches front page:

    New Player (NP): Wow, thanks for front page guys! I tried really hard on this!


    NP: Oh, god. My work is terrible and I shall never try again!

    Yes, this is obviously exagerated, but this is the message The Art Toy is sending. We are punnishing users whose abilities are sub-par. If a save reaches front page only to garner massive hate, this shows that we, as a community, don't want you to succeed.

    The Art Toy doesn't want to save TPT. They want to control it.


    Quick Update: It appears a great many have been deleted. I don't know if this is a good sign.

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    After a month of observation, I came to the conclusion that the TPT is rotting at a higher rate than I expected. Now, it is very rare to see a computer with some electronics, not to mention full-fledged printers and calculators, for example. What's trending now is saving with a stick or art called " My first try...". This is terrible.

    The quality of art has deteriorated significantly compared to 2016-2018, but their number has increased. As I said that the TPT community will "starve" for art and will require any replacement. So this is what we are seeing now. 5-10 arts on FP in week, from 15 possible seats on FP, with their bad quality. But if you call saving by type " My first attempt..."then immediately +100 to likes. Is this degradation?

    It is worth paying tribute to the fact that some players still produce original content and still somehow keep the quality bar and do not allow anything to fall to a Frank hack, which we do not see in the field of arts. But, sooner or later, such players will leave and very soon. Some, this situation can get and they just leave the TPT or join the damn train, called "HYIP".

    These are the realities of the game at the moment. Either fight hard or give up and throw in the towel. The game died when the original, admiring content disappeared. An example of such content is MAS2015, which produced very high-quality and monumental materials, such as a Thermonuclear Reactor with all its components. From the Russian segment, you can take for example ValeriyPipick, which produces content not seen before, creating different creatures. It is steamed over their structure inside and out, description, etc., etc. But few people appreciate such content, as a result of the obvious degradation of tastes.

    We made a strong protest against all this. We have shown what the TPT will look like in the near future. All this is a satire on the future. These were my thoughts.
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    Every TPT save is art, it's your work of art. Either it's fully functional or not. It's still art, but TPT isnt deviant art, so I understand this perspective. I only post my art work on Reddit. We shouldn't discourage these people though. 

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    Art is officially prohibited by the rules of the game, which, for some reason, have been severely violated by moderation in recent months. Previously, art simply removed from fp. Now any apologizes to fp I apologize for the expression shit, called art, even if it is made from one element or with the help of the CGI. At a minimum, this needs to be controlled, otherwise the crisis of 2019, when most of the creators of the content is gone, will happen again.

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    Thanks for reporting this, the IDs helped. It looks like DrBrick deleted all his saves about this already. If they were still there when I woke up I would have disabled them myself anyway.

    This "protest" goes completely against my principles and the types of saves I want on front page. The FP is there for anyone that spends time to make a good quality save to have their creations shown to everyone. I don't care if it's art, if it's a computer, or if it's just a cool reaction between two elements they discovered. If it gets enough upvotes quickly, it will go to FP. New players should not be discouraged from making art, or any types of saves.

    I'd also like to disagree that recent art saves are bad, which seems to be the opinion of DrBrick (Actually his opinion seems to be that all art saves are bad). VIP84 recently returned and just made a great art save. VIP84 is almost unmatched in TPT artistic ability though. The only other art save on FP right now, Swords of Terraria, is very good pixel art. Maybe it's not what you're into, but it got a lot of votes, and it seems people enjoyed looking at it.

    And there are still tons of other good saves on front page, like oil pumping, a city, weapons, an engine, and whatever this is - I spent like 10 minutes mesmerized by whatever I made it do. The only major category missing from front page is electronics. There are less people making electronics these days. That isn't because of the art, it's just because those players no longer make as many saves. The TPT community is still very alive though. Sure it's not as amazing as it was back in its heyday, but there are still many great saves created every week.

    Conspiring to put low-quality saves in the future WILL lead to bans. Your "protest" proved nothing besides that if you get 4 people to hit upvote on the same time at your save, it will put it on front page. FP should be for saves that naturally got upvoted, and then the community decides with further upvotes or downvotes whether it stays.

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    Art is not banned by the game, please reread the rules. It specifically says "- Uploading art saves is not strictly prohibited, but may result in a front-page demotion". We usually only demote if it's entirely deco and also isn't that impressive. Also, CGI is strictly prohibited, and saves made with CGI are unpublished.
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    I really appriciate hearing from everyone. Thank you for sharing your views, even if we can't agree. Feel free to message me if you want to keep talking.