No fonts edited.

  • ArmaZet
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    I followed the instructions ( ready exe. 

    After all the actions, I didn't have the game compiled. Then I decided to transfer the numeric value to font.cpp.

    But after that, I got the symbols under the letters.

    Here's a picture.

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    Those instructions are really outdated and no longer work. There's now a new TPT font editor, you can compile tpt with scons with the --font flag, that makes a new font executable in the build folder you can use to edit fonts. Symbols start somewhere around 0xE100 (off the top my head, just start there and keep going until you find empty slots)

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    Use the 2nd guide. You will need to install visual studio, but you don't have to open it if you don't want to, you just need it for the compiler. Then install scons and use the --msvc flag to use the visual studio compiler.
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     I've got a bug, I'm writing scons and a bug pops up, no powershell.exe found. I installed everything from the first and second instructions. But when I write scons --msvc, it gives you an error.


    I can easily compile the powder toy myself with the visual studio.


    I can translate the game using transliteration. But I would really like to replace some characters to use the letters of my language. Can you compile a font editor so that I can use it on my computer?