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  • BokkaB
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    Hello,people!You maybe know that I have an ecology group at ID:2471208. But I am opening something interest:Ecology game competition!

    You can make the game game and send its ID here,at ID:2471208 or you can send ID in a conversation for me until 30 January this year.

    There exists two categories:


    Members od the ecology group

    Reward:bigger function


    Non-members of the ecology group

    Reward:free joining to the ecology group






    Minimum rating:1

    Maximum rating:10

    Be creative and enjoy your life!



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    I'm locking this thread to discourage the idea of creating millions of threads for one single group.
    You already have a thread dedicated to your group here, there's absolutely no need to create more for things related to your group, please announce your competition there and any other future plans you have instead of making new threads.

    We like to keep the forum clean and not congested with unnecessary stuff. You should respect the fact that a large percentage of people who browse this forum are not members of your group, and crowding the forum with this stuff starts to become irritating for them.

    Also, the other thread in which you tried to recruit a "Critician" for your group shouldn't have existed, you should've announced that in your ecology group thread instead of creating a separate thread, but we were tolerant enough to not lock it that time.

    P.S. Just a small peaceful suggestion, try to pay more attention to formatting, just do your best, something like this has a much more positive impact :)
Locked by Mrprocom: Spam - there's already a thread dedicated to the ecology group