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    In a world with global warming,ecology is very important.So I will make a group that would make the world greener.We would make many eco-things and improve the ecology of the world.

    some things that we need are:


    Unflammable plant


    I have seen some saves that combine materials and gases to make them unflammable,so I believe that we can make unflammable PLNT by this,or,maybe,some other way.


    Working eco-car


    Eco-cars are also important,so we must make the car that SHOULD REALLY WORK,or, more precious, that can be moved using PSTN and FRME and that stickman also can drive by sparking by its head,but that also cannot be driven without PLNT or YEST and that must have toxic gases filter or that do not produce any gases that are bad for our planet.




    Most people today live in cities, so they also must be ecologic and with much PLNT.


    Pollution destruction


    We also need something that would destroy pollution in cities on some ecologic way or that can use it for something good that do not make pollution.


    Light pollution


    City lights significantly decrease the number of stars at the night and also have bad psychologic effects on people and animals. This must be solved.


    Ozone layer repair


    With bad substances we dangered the ozone layer. We must repair it and nake new cooling systems that do not use phreone or anything dangerous to the environment.



    ....and many other things.

     So far members are:

    Me - BokkaB






















    If you want to join, you can say at the comments in my save at ID:2471208, here at the forum or you can send me a message.

    All members will become able to use any of ny saves without credits,and also saves of the other members.

    Have a good and green life full of ecology by me!

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    Please come to this group,because ecology is very important for the world!

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    I have many free places for new members,please join!

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    I have the place for at least 3 more members!

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    Many new members joined!

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    Im leaving EG

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    Im working with Arseniy

    Deal with it

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    Maybe we can talk?