problems with memory/read write error

  • East_Europe3339
    6th Jan 2020 Member 0 Permalink

    oh, right, ive been busy with IRL things, again and save making and some projects of mine. anddo i need to register to imgur?




    edit edit: version 94.1

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  • jacob1
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    We're having trouble reproducing it, since we can't stamp outside the screen.

    If there were some way to begin a stamp region outside the screen bounds (which is the case here, somehow), I would expect the game to crash. Maybe we need to ensure it's using in-bounds regions. I would like to reproduce the crash myself though, somehow
  • East_Europe3339
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    yeah....sry necro

  • Redstonenerd
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    I have also encountered this error before, and I can repeat it every time, I was putting dmg inside of this save(Id:2636786), and it would crash with that error.