Random stuff mod.

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    TOXY -- True Oxygen, a realistic oxygen.

    PIXI -- Pixie Dust, useless, flammable, and fun.

    FBCO -- Fast Burning Coal, a fast burning coal.

    HELI -- Helium, rises quickly and is flammable.

    RTFL -- Rocket Fuel, unstable rocket fuel for rockets you make.

    AEROGEL -- Aerogel, blocks heat and pressure and is not flammable. Is also lighter than dust.

    BOOM -- The-Big-Bang-Element, is basicaly NITR x 100000. Laggy.





    Enjoy :)


    You will have to individually activate the elements with the mod manager.


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    Can you use pastebin.com or the script manager for your script instead of MediaFire? MediaFire is a shady ad-filled site.
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    hate to break it to you but sadly helium isnt supposed to be flammable