How does one make a destructible sensor?

  • Darmagon
    9th November Member 1 Permalink

    I wanna try to make a fully destructible modular deut reactor that makes it's own deut using the reactor power but I need to know ideas on how to make the following things

    Destructible glow sensor

    Destructible deut sensor

    Destructible water sensor


    Somehow convert steam to power without indestructable parts.



    Producing less destructable research line to test sensors, I'm thinking a filter using density would be awesome but then how would I filter it? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

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  • Nunnhem
    25th November Member 0 Permalink

    Depending on how you implement it, you could probably make a glow sensor by shooting photons into a chamber and seeing if more photons come back through the glow
    also, water seems to be the only conductive element out of those three, so you could have conductive solids on 2 sides of a pipe to check for water

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  • BrianTheEngineer
    3rd December Member 0 Permalink

    A pixel of DETC rigged to release a piece of BOMB when a pixel of PSNS goes off might work. The BOMB can destroy both the DETC and the PSNS.