Deuterium Oxide Ratios

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    If there are 100 glows, each with 2 water particles surrounding them, then that is 200 attempted reactions per frame. Every other frame there should be one conversion. This adds up quickly at 60fps.

    1/400 is still on the low side for tpt reactions. It can also be hard to get a glow and a water touching for long enough to have a guaranteed reaction.

    The reaction is 1 glow + q water. Each glow turns into deut. Each water particle is killed.
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  • Darmagon
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    ok now I have a new problem, goal is to make this 100% destructable without exceptions but I have no clue how to detect glow / deut to make it auto without detectors...



    Maybe a temperature based thing where heat from the reactor is pumped into some of that temperature sensitive conductor and the glow cools it down? or just a tube that fires a neut beam into the tank and the same thing for deut but that would waste deut...

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