A couple of questions regarding FILT

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    So, *ahem*, you might notice that I changed my typing! No reason for that! :D

    Anyways, here are the questions of mine regarding FILT:
    1. How do I save the color on them without changing their temperature? TMP or TMP2 tells which color the FILT should be?

    2. How do I read the color data? I know how I might make it recognize characters (I mean, my first version of the computer is gonna be so simple, it will only be able to output numbers from 0 to 9), I just need to know how to read this data with a very simple circuit.

    EDIT: Oops, wrong section, @Lockheedmartin can you please move this topic to the Help section?

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    Most of your questions (including future ones regarding FILT) are answered here.

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