Your introduction to Powder Toy?

  • ShalltearBloodfallen
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    Mine was probably the video NerdCubed made on it a while back (2013 I believe). It was in his 3 Free Games video and I've been playing it ever since.


    I actually have made an account before, called NukeInABox or something, made some terrible designs, but thats lost to time. Seeing as this is my 1st topic post on this acc, might as well be a more general one.

  • jacob1
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    I found TPT by playing the unofficial Wii port, made.back in 2011. I had fun, so downloaded the pc version.

    The thing I created in the Wii version looked something like this:
  • Lockheedmartin
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    I played the early versions of TPT - a family member had showed me the PSP version, which was created by bri3d. This was way back when homebrew software on the PSP was trending and when Skylark operated an IRC server. Then I played the offline mode one when that was released. The online version was released around early-2009, which means I likely started playing late-2008
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  • temporaryaccount
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    In middle school (2013-ish) some cool teacher convinced the tech department to install this game on the shared drive so any teacher or student could access it. Almost everyone started playing it on the library computers. It was soon taken off the drive, but the cool thing was that it could be installed with a flash drive. Everyone still kept playing until the librarians banned it and my school got better with flash drive security. Now they've replaced all desktops with personal laptops and stopped most 3rd party programs from running. I'm probably the only one that still plays from my school. 

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  • phox
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    I played it on a tablet while looking for falling sand games, and found this on accident. Now it's the only sand game I enjoy :P

  • coryman
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    Used to play lots of Powder Game, along with other falling sand games and while looking for more I found it in a search, probably 2010-2011? It was before there were different element categories anyways. Didn't make an account for a while though, just had everything saved on my hard drive until one day going "I wonder if this game has been updated" and realising it suddenly had countless new elements and features :P

  • Supercrafter
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    I found it on the play store and downloaded it, I was playing without a acc for ~ 2 years till I just wanted to make a account, I really enjoy this game, especially with the user potatomilk, 8/10 best falling sand game for free/mobile! Also isn't this supposed to be in General instead of feedback? 

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    I found The Powder Toy in around March of 2009, so I was in elementary school. It wasn't until 2011 that I refound the game with a friend, since TPT was popular when I was in middle school. Didn't sign up until later that school year. 

  • BuysDB
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    A friend of mine sent it to me in may 2010, it was still called `powder-sse2.exe`. Time flies!

  • Supercrafter
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     YOU'RE ALIVE, GET ON WORKING WITH YOUR BWR! and I mean it in a excited way! :-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D^o^^o^^o^^o^^o^^o^