The Upside Down

  • Lockheedmartin
    20th Jul 2019 Moderator 5 Permalink
    I had the spontaneous urge to create an upside down version of TPT. The font has been rotated to be upside down (thanks to LBPHacker) and vertical gravity (ie. normal) has been inverted. This has been hastily modified from the vanilla client just for a bit of fun. There's basically zero future support and no lifetime warranty.

    I might make things a bit more refined, but otherwise don't expect anything long-term. Here's some screenshots:




    Here's the source:
    Linux Binary:

    I will release the compiled versions once my server is running again. Anyway, you just compile like any typical version
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  • stargate38
    6th Aug 2019 Member 0 Permalink

    That's funny. Maybe you should make it so the avatars are upside down as well, then it'll truly be an upside down TPT.

  • Cracker1000
    6th Aug 2019 Member 0 Permalink

    I still don't get the point of all this, is it hard to rotate your monitor screen?

  • Lockheedmartin
    6th Aug 2019 Moderator 1 Permalink
    @Cracker1000 (View Post)
    It's a joke involving Stranger Things

    The idea was to let you play normally using mouse movements, but everything including front characters and gravity is upside down making it difficult to replicate through flipping your display upside down. Loading normal saves is interesting when all the water and terrain floats upward. The inspiration was from

    @stargate38 (View Post)
    I was considering flipping everything to upside down, but flipping the renders and avatars was too much work for a joke to get some laughs
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  • lincolnram
    15th Nov 2020 Member 0 Permalink

    go to settings and change your screen orientation to landscape flipped.

    it does the same thing.