Can TPT run on the new RPi 4?

  • player4444
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    I can't find any specifications for TPT when it comes to peformance. I am setting up a RPi 4 on my workdesk and I want to know if it'd be possible to run TPT on it, as it's going to be a development device.

  • lamyipfu
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    I once compiled TPT on raspberry pi 3 b+. It is quite lag for common saves tho, like around 20 FPS.
    I haven't bought model 4 so I can only make some prediction here.


    Here we look at the most significant difference.

    RPi 3b+ has

    • quad-core 1.4GHz CPU (affects simulation speed directly)
    • 1 GB RAM (size only matters if TPT is using all the memory, but it is not)
    • GPU Broadcom Videocore-IV (affects screen rendering)

    RPi 4 has

    • quad-core 1.5GHz CPU
    • 4 GB RAM maximum, and faster
    • GPU good enough to handle one screen output without performance loss

    There is slight upgrade from all aspect if you look at the numbers.
    Usually such all-rounded upgrades would solve a few system bottlenecks,
    the final effect depends a lot, you need to try yourself.
    You can expect up to around 30 FPS, I would say still quite lag for human users.

    The compilation guide is not updated as often as the repository,
    there might be problems but it should mostly works.

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  • DanielTheGreate
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    @player4444 (View Post)

    It can be compiled on the RPi4 (use the linux compilation guide) with this flag when building: --no-sse.

    Like so:

    make -j4 --no-sse --release

    (The flag --release is inperitive for a higher framerate)

    expect between 20 FPS for large saves and 45 FPS for smaller saves

    You CAN change the resilution of TPT for higher performance (45-60 FPS), but don't expect any saves to load.

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