2011-01-06 13:26:53
Secretly developing technologies that is not yet discovered by the tpt commoners.

26-5-2017 Just realize my study will stop my research on tpt and time is so little. Maybe it is the time for me to uncover what I have been working on over the years.

System Log
Confirmed the possibility of free-angle shooting. But only one particle can be ejected by each device every 8 frames. Plan: Create an auto aiming system to fully utilize this discovery.
Confirmed the possibility of mechanical polymorphism for piston ships.
Rejected the use of INVS as internal storage for piston ship.
Encourage particle reordering via startup platform.
Piston submarine's underwater cannon is complicated as it must be water tight and small to hold enough ammunition.
From source code, gravity is inverse of distance^2.
But experimental values from force sensor measured a linear relationship between movement time and distance. Strange but useful as the sensor feedback can be directly reflect active GPMP distance after direct scaling. This proves free-angle gravity radar possible, but need multiplication units to create a prototype.
Finished simple keypad, which has lagging problem, instant improvement exists. Further research scheduled.
Focus on learning subframe filt operations tmw.
Today's is a total disaster, the gravity radar feedback entangled into a mess when it goes from 1d to 2d.
Learnt the secret of incrementor.
A new generation of piston engine, small true subframe engine.
Learnt the secret of Kogge-Stone adder.
Plan STKM-friendly piston engine
The new generation piston engine starts further research on anti-layered armor [-]. MK Abomination researched.
Finished subframe g-shield seeker missile, evasive attempts from slow ships(